Journey to Recovery

Ardal and Ziobohn's Journal - Entry 5

Goblins and Moths

With an imminent civil war caused by a fanatic dedicated to a Goddess of Tyranny who is control of the nation’s news sources and has vast personal funding, we decided to leave for a few months to adventure.  In our defence, if we are to have any hope of stopping Calron we need more power, status, money and influence. Particularly money, wars are expensive. I must confess, I’m surprised that the group took my accusations seriously. It was only halfway through my presentation I realised the only evidence I had that wasn’t circumstantial was a single conversation I had with him. Clearly I’m just that persuasive.  Lord Ravensburg also gifted as an amazing ship and it would be rude to not use it.

So, we set course for Solutem, thinking it wise to stop off there to resupply and investigate the collapsed tunnels. It wasn’t long into the voyage when Dranhiro took ill, vomiting thick black sludge and his assumed form fading to his more “natural” one.  Given that demons are immune to mortal diseases I was more than a little confused and worried. The best theory we had that his being not evil was affecting him physically, seeing as he’s physically made of sin. I did my best to provide for him but extra-planar being medicine is not my area of expertise. Thankfully he made a recovery, although he looks much weaker now. I suppose that shouldn’t be too surprising given how much he… expelled.

Moving on from such unsanitary topics. We arrived at Solutem and after checking to see how everyone is doing we set off into the dark tunnels again. I’m not sure what I expected to find down there aside from more hydras but I certainly did not expect to find an entire city filled goblins and their constructs. Thankfully, they get easily confused if you tell outlandish lies. The goblins had apparently retreated here during The Fall which was apparently a great idea because I’m sure nobody knew this place existed. It was certainly a marvel to witness a civilisation so technologically and magically advanced. Although I don’t trust those constructs especially after my last run in with constructs. Then the goblins had to ruin it all by worshipping the god that caused the apocalypse. I really should have mentioned that not only the god they were worshipping was the reason they had to retreat underground for a century but also, he was dead. My lawyering instincts were reminding me of the old adage of not asking questions you don’t already know the answer to. You might not get the answer you want. So instead I decided to set up a trade deal with these untrustworthy demon worshipping goblins with the creepy automatons. Ironically, I feel more safe for having Mal iron out the contract details even if they had an infernal lawyer of their own. In fact, clearly the cosmos is a smaller place than I thought because we had the luck of Drake showing up. He’s got his own firm apparently, so maybe he won’t mind when we go to his old workshop and steal everything that looks even somewhat valuable.

After that we returned to the surface to explain what we found and plan our journey going forward. Dellisar didn’t like that the goblins thought the Tiefling Empire was too politically unstable to deal with currently. The current plan is to sail east to the Old Dominion and raid Drake’s workshop, then on the return journey visit the currently unexplored northern continent. All told it could be a year before we return to the empire, if there is even one to return to.

There’s even more reason to suspect that collapse is inevitable than from just political instability. We noticed a mysterious being following us and from Delaine’s testimony apparently the same being that was present in the train tunnels all those months ago. Wanting to languish in ignorance no longer we set up an ambush for the creature. It got away but not before we could identify it. A mothman. A being most known for continually appearing during disasters and view themselves as agents of fate, ensuring that events turn out how they are “fated” to. Given the morbid patterns of recent events I’m not sure I like where this mothman is trying to take us. Besides who cares what “fate” wants, I’ll be damned before I let some vague metaphysical force tell me what to do. 

Who knows, maybe this might just be all a big misunderstanding. In any case we have a magical workshop to raid and a continent to explore, I’ll deal with horrific fated events when they get here and not a moment before.



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