Journey to Recovery

Ardal and Ziobohn's Journal - Entry 7


It’s been a while since I last wrote but I have been rather busy. Also, I’m bloody upset about a number of things, pride of place amongst them that damn dragon. Saphira the Protective they call her. Disgusting. Now I have her trying to “reclaim her colonies” and she’s sent a group of toady sycophants to watch over it. Well if she thinks I’m going back to the old days where we dedicate our lives to inflating the already massive ego of some overgrown magical monster she can forget it. The age of beings like her is coming to an end, our time has come. However, we can’t deal with her just yet but I have a fairly good idea how to proceed.

Then there’s Dellisar’s sister already discovering the Cove of the Pirate Queen. I wanted to go on an adventure for pirate booty damn it!  Well I don’t care where we are going I’m making it a pirate adventure. I spent all night on this outfit and dare I say it’s my best work so far. Yarr harr, me maties!

Anyway, we set off for the northern continent hoping to find the riches we were denied from the Cove. Once again we were to be disappointed. Turns out this continent was destroyed a caste of decadent nobility that turned into a shadowy cabal of wizards, sacrificing the local populace en masse to turn themselves into vampires and live forever. I swear everywhere we go shadowy cabals of wizards ruin everything. I’ll need to come up with some legislation to regulate wizardry back home because this is just getting ridiculous now. We are kind of trapped here in the interim until we solve the vampire problem. Not looking forward to that, one of them nearly killed me. I think it’s probably the closest to death I have come thus far and that is no easy feat.

That’s not all though, we are currently holed up in some underground town which is beset by monsters from the deeps. It’s run by some insufferably upbeat dark gnome who has to be rigging the electoral process. I’m not sure if it’s his attitude I hate or the never-ending stream of stories about Kobold-Gnome conflict kicking in. In any case, we are heading down to investigate the source of these monsters. Thankfully we have a guide through the depths, some huge creature that enjoys eating metal and honestly has an attitude I quite admire. Does honest work for honest pay. I might just try to convince some to come back to Solutem, they would be incredibly useful for underground construction. Relatively cheap too, there should be plenty of useless to us metal slag they could eat.

They also say Kobolds used to be around here but they left to go further down. I should keep my eyes peeled.



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