Journey to Recovery

Nisha's journal 3

Having bested another demon of impressive cunning i am beginning to think that these creatures are not quite what they have been played up to be. Although whether this is true for the greater of there kind is yet to be seen. It will be an interesting Endeavour to pry knowledge from there skulls but i believe that with the right tools one could do such a think.  

With the shadow demon beaten the old mans house became a wealth of knowledge to be explored, my particular interest lay in the stone in his attic what power could it possibly have contained to create such a vast empire.  it is of the utmost importance that these gems are studied and explored to there full potential, however whether the current empire is capable of implementing it correctly i am unsure. For my once devout loyalty to the empire is shaken i see so much that is so obtainable and yet none have done so. The items in these new lands speak of unrivaled power. I must see more of both the old and the new before my judgment is absolute but for now i see flaws that must be corrected within my once beloved empire. 

However on to matters of a more current nature, the discovery of the old capital is most impressive what a magnificent wealth of knowledge it must have been in times of glory. Even know secrets are still buried throughout  and with the help of my sword i have obtained perhaps a means ot obtained such knowledge the discovery of my blades old study i have found perhaps the most interesting of discoveries a book of great importance one which belonged to my sword in his life and was his source of power. I cannot wait to be alone with it for some time before i can examine it in more details. That and the shards fo the staff of power all lead towards an interesting mystery of power. 

The gold i regret to say is another example of how i find my own empire lacking the grandeur of it all the power to contained. The ability to kill a dracolich is one thing the ability to have do it to itself in a pit of gold is another. if i had the time i would study it but alas the gold bring us to the next intriguing development the two that where trapped within the vault.

the offspring of an infernal duke is quite a monstrous creature and the fact it was contained even more monstrous the power required to do such a thing would be astronomical it must have taken a powerful being to do such a thing. Oh how i would love to pick that brain and find the secrets it contained but unfortunately i feel for the time being i will have to wait and see what information i can obtain merely through conversation. 



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