Ardal Amadeus Rubricatus

Lucien isn't the only one interested in new lands


An outspoken political radical Ardal has dedicated his life to defending the common kobold and establishing an independent kobold state where they would be safe from the ever present threat of tyranny. The eldest child in a now very large and extended family he was thrust into a position of responsibility at a young age when his father died in the mines due to safety oversights. This tragedy and ensuing responsibility quickly instilled in him a protectiveness towards his family which extended to his tribe and then to kobolds as a whole.

This did not go unnoticed by the elders in the tribe as his agreeable demeanour, natural charisma and talented storytelling marked him out as one with natural bardic talents. Under the tutelage of the current tribe bard he was taught the tribes histories and stories as well as wide variety of performance styles. Perhaps the most strange but important of these was the kobold “yapping” style. To those with an untrained ear and unfamiliar with kobold culture this merely sounds like an irritating tune. This is does not do the style justice. The “yapping” technique is a work of bardic genius, it’s tempo, tone, pitch, time signatures have all been honed over many generations, handed from master to student. It is never completed and is constantly being improved upon or given personal twists ensuring that you may never hear the same “yapping” song twice. The result isn’t just an irritating song. It is THE irritating song. The song that will drive one to madness and be caught in their head all day. This is an important distinction. Kobolds know all to well that a poorly performed “yap” is the difference between irritating an opponent off their game and simply irritating them so that they hit you harder.

Ardal was not content to simply be the tribes bard, honoured as he was at the offer. He wanted to defend his tribe from those that might harm it and push forward with his dream of a new independent kobold state that needn’t fear being enslaved by other stronger races any more. However he was like most kobolds physically weak and incapable of physically standing up against these threats so he worked towards a profession that relied on his strengths, words and wit. Law. Juggling multiple jobs, a bardic education and looking after his family almost broke him but with support from his tribe he eventually entered law school. Graduating as one of the most distinguished in his class he quickly got to work setting up his own firm specialising in defending kobolds, taking only what his clients could afford as pay for his work. It may not be the most profitable business but it fills Ardal with purpose.

Things changed with the Emperor’s decree of exploration. Ardal’s focus had been domestic initially but consulting the histories and considering the implications he came to a striking conclusion. There could very well still be kobolds alive in those devastated lands. The tyrants of old could have survived as well. His brethren could still be languishing in chains or they may have free claim over the lands there. He knew they were most likely dead but there was still a chance! If they were alive and they were free, well maybe this could be the start of an independent state! If they were there a thorough census would be required to figure out demographics, land surveys for resources, setting up funding, consolidating the land, putting forth a claim, complex political manoeuvring…

He was getting ahead of himself, it was first necessary to sign himself up for this adventure and prepare himself for the dangers ahead. No room for error, this could be their only chance.

Ardal Amadeus Rubricatus

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