Eulisses Crimson

First Minister of the Tiefling Empire


Advisor to Emperor Lucien and Chief Minister in the Royal Court. Eulisses was the first noble to rally after the abyssal attacks and he made backed Lucien as the new Emperor. There were few who questioned that Lucien should be but having Eulisses as a backer there was no question. With him he brought the Tiefling aristocracy to support Lucien who were the most capable administrators in the Empire.

More of a reactionary than the other members of the court, Eulisses is adamant that the Empire will not fragment into a federation, believing that unity is necessary and it is under the watchful eyes of the Tieflings that greatness shall be achieved. The political maneuverer for Lucien’s regime he organises most state events including the royal marriage the Emperor and his bride Mithvine Karias.


Eulisses Crimson

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