Lord Ravensburg

Treasurer of the Tiefling Empire


Having lived during the age of peace and prosperity Ravensburg knows nothing of war, but he does know economics. The treasury has swollen under his keen eye and he knows investment is how you go about generating even more money. Seeing that the Emperor desired tales of adventure and the new Imperial citizens from the Dominion and Prudentia were documenting the immense wealth of the fallen Empire to the East.

Hatching a plan to kill two birds with one stone, he set up a ministry that would act to incentivise would be adventurers. Helping to support such ventures but with the clause that ensures that their investments will be made back. After all, no one would want the Empire to run out of money.

A descendant of the Elder that laughed the previous Emperor from the court after his speech on unification under Tiefling rule. The Ravensburg family managed to retain their position of influence under the new regime as the Elder at the time passed away during the war so they quickly changed their tune once the war was lost.

Lord Ravensburg

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