Lucien Karias VI

Tiefling Emperor


The current Tiefling Emperor who has reigned for 78 years. A moderate reformist who has been granting concessions towards autonomy for those within the empire. Especially the tengu who are the second largest demographic and have stood by the Tieflings during the slow process of rebuilding since the Dominion and Abyssal attacks.

Although early into his reign he was against marriage, as he had suffered a betrayal during the Dominion’s invasion. In the end his adviser Eulisses convinced him it was for the best to have a political marriage. So he courted several nobles throughout the Empire before settling on Mithvine a Duchess from the northern territories.

But in his older years he’s now growing bored of the politics and bureaucracy. So he’s been making a system to incentivize explorers and adventurers to make his reign interesting.


Lucien Karias VI

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