All that matters is knowledge to reach perfection


Having been born to common parents with no particular skills or achievements, Nisha escaped her life of peasantry by having a terrifying hunger for knowledge in all forms recording, reading experiencing it wherever she could. This desire quickly led her to the path of the magus as a student of both the arcane and martial. with this split she has isolated herself from those that identify with either group. However, she has no concerns with social constructs of other people only the interest for order of knowledge to that extent she will pursue what she to be the right matter of course, usually any which gets her more information on subjects she deems interesting.

There was one thing she was learned as a child that the highest goal was to know everything there could to be known she views groups that do not value information as weak and inferior because of this she can be view as being arrogant when dealing with those that are viewed as lesser. But in truth all she desires is for all to share in knowledge they keep secret for would there be war if all knowledge was shared. Especially if that knowledge was known to people that had the intelligence to know what to do with it. She views all culture that hides or refuses to share information as barbaric.

Because of this desire for knowledge and the fact that currently the tiefling empire is a age of prosperity for magic and invention she agrees greatly with their ambition to improve the lives of those around them by housing them in the empire and giving them accesses to all the information they could ever need. She sees no reason why some should demand change when there is already so much available to them. Revolution should only occur when there is no new knowledge or information or those in power keep it secret from all.


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