Sylvester "Sy" Thornburn

The great gear turns ever on


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Born a barely legitimate scion of a minor noble house, Sylvester has spent almost his entire life enjoying the quirks of noble society – if not quite all of the boons. A precocious child, perhaps driven by a desire for acceptance, he excelled in his studies and soon developed in to something of a polymath.
Delving deeply into subjects ranging from carpentry and engineering to fine arts and arcane theory, he became a sponge for knowledge, seeking out teachers in any subject he could find.

While his academic pursuits did little to endear him to most of his fellows, his forays in to the arts and the arcane did at least make him interesting to some, if as a tool or amusement rather than a peer.
As he studied further, it was the arcane that eventually took hold, seemingly the perfect tool, able to be manipulated and put towards almost any task.
This single-minded pursuit of knowledge did, however, allow him to form much of his personal philosophy.

Knowledge is the root of all things. The great gear of progress that pushes societies and individuals to new heights, and grinds to dust those who fail to keep up. Not knowledge for its own sake, but as a means to an end. Used both for personal improvement and for the benefit of all.
Even the more abstract parts of society and culture are driven by knowledge, for few artists truly excel without reveling in the works of their predecessors, or seeking to surpass them.
Knowledge drives progress, which leads to new applications of power, and with it the ability to obtain yet more knowledge. It is the road to every destination, and the end of most every journey, for every journey is a lesson.

The great Horde which ravaged the Dominion could only have been released by a madman, or a lack of knowledge, and only one who knew how could have prevented the destruction it wrought.
But! As with so many things, there is a cycle. With great destruction, a rebirth must follow. Creation following in the wake of destruction. So of course, why would one not want to be a part of the guiding hand of creation?
When word of the Imperial Decree reached Sylvester, he signed up on the spot.
A blank slate, Tabula Rasa, ready to be guided, shaped, and perhaps even exploited? Where else could such an opportunity be found?

And, perhaps, more valuable than all of that, would be what could be learned along the way.

Sylvester "Sy" Thornburn

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