Zeleron Starbringer

Leader of the Elven Survivors


One of the few Elven nobles to survive the fall. He and his order of paladins protected the refugees and covered their retreat. Taking with him a contingent of the Churches Demon Hunters they have been incorporated into the Tiefling Empires defence against demons.

Now the de facto leader of the Elves in the Tiefling Empire. He has been trying to integrate the Dominion survivors into the Empire. Accepting that the questionable glory of the Dominion is behind them and that survival is what they should focus on.

Seen as the new Mortanis to the Elves, he resembles and embodies what the hero of the Dominion did. A fair and kind figure who will protect the people of the Dominion and now will do the same for the Tiefling Empire. However, he also is a supporter of Eulisses Crimson, believing that a weakening of the Empire is a threat to Elven standing as they have already risen quite high within the Empire.

Zeleron Starbringer

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