The largest colony of the Dominion and the hardest won conquest. Initially the elemental races were warring ones. Always in a power struggle to take the most territory. Eventually sages from each race came together to put an end to the seemingly tireless war. This began the age of the Conclave. Under this government a new capital was built in the centre of the continent which at this point was unnamed. From here a democratic administration oversaw the running of the country. 

But after a century of peace and prosperity they were not prepared for the arrival of a new civilisation. The Dominion saw the peaceful people of the continent as easy prey and mobilised their armed forces. This was the first time they sent a specialised advance group before the armed forces made their way into their next conquest. This group helped crush the Undine resistance and moved on to the capital. These would also be the same specialists that would betray the Dominion during the conquest of Miocun and the war with the Tiefling Empire. 

After the conquest Vioreck Obitus was named as acting Governor. He made the worship of Rolterra the state religion and instituted a theological dictatorship. It was a very popular regime as crime and deviancy was all but eliminated. It was an ordered and structured regime that brought peace.

However, they were still part of the Dominion and as such also fell victim to the paranoia that spread through the Elite of the Dominion's homeland. With the scrying indicating that the threat to the Dominion came from the undiscovered Tiefling Empire, the now named Prudentia made preparations for war.

During the Abyssal assault, Prudentia was the first of the Domion's territories to fall to the attacks. But while the citizens of the Dominion's heartlands tell horror stories of demons and daemons tearing apart countless innocents, Prudentian refugees tell a different tale. They witnessed the dead crashing through the Capital's walls on the backs of vast Raveners. But thanks to the selfless sacrifice of Vioreck and his Inquisitors there were many survivors to tell the tales of his courage.


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