Tiefling Empire

The dominant force on the continent of Miocun. A century ago it fought a war to unify the continent and succeeded under the previous Emperor Tyruss IV. With his death on the battlefield his wife became Empress Magnolia II and an age of peace began that would last for almost half a century.

During this time Prince Magnus was to take charge of the army and reform it into one which incorporated the other races so as to make it one to defend rather than oppress the empires citizens. Even if the Tieflings were definitely in charge. Prince Lucien became a governor of the Western regional capital which was the worst affected by the war to re-stabilise it. 

This peace was destroyed with the arrival of a foreign warfleet arriving to the regional capital of Brybirq Landing. The seat of power for the governor at the time Prince Lucien. The attack was over within the day as the defences were obliterated and the palace was bombed. The Prince survived having been rescued by one of the attackers.

This fleet was to move on to the Capital of Uruesa. Despite the entire army mobilising within the two weeks they had, it was defeated. Crushed by the Dominion Commander and High Admiral. The Palace was defended by the paladins and remaining sorcerers, but it was for not. The defenders were overrun and the royal family killed, with Lucien once again escaping.

The capital was lost but the fleet found itself facing a new threat as their pure hatred and destruction had opened the abyss upon them. The Commander vanished and the High Admiral died fighting off traitors who were hidden amongst the ranks of the Dominion.

The Abyssal Horde followed the fleet back to their own forsaken lands and the Tieflings consolidated their position. The other races were given concessions by Lucien as a sign of goodwill so that they may remain united. The Capital was abandoned in it's entirety. And watches made to patrol the corruption spewing from the now desecrated palace. After some time news reached Lucien of ships arriving off the Eastern coast. Fearing the Dominion had returned Lucien mobilised the army immediately.

These new arrivals were not invaders as it turned out but refugees. A massive flotilla of refugees from the lands of both Prudentia and the now Fallen Dominion. These refugees once disarmed were welcomed as they too had suffered at the hands of both the Dominion and Demons. 

In time the power emanating from the palace dissipated and the mages from the Tieflings and Dominion sealed the capital inside a barrier as it was still too dangerous to venture in. From this time the Dominion crumbled under the Abyssal incursion but the Tieflings remained steadfast. Quarantining any evidence that demons were gaining strength or influence in the world.

A new capital was made, Yeslesa to the East of the old one. The Empire has been rebuilding and integrating the new arrivals as well as they can. But curiosity is getting the better of them and expeditions are being funded to explore the world for the lost treasures of the fallen kingdoms.

Tiefling Empire

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