When the Orcs became a problem for the Dwarves they quickly learned how to defend themselves. Creating impregnable fortresses and intricate underground tunnel systems they could outlast any siege. When the Elves began to fight back the Dwarves initially just observed before committing themselves to the war efforts.

Despite being the only race in the Alliance to engage the Orcs at close quarters the Dwarves suffered relatively low loses as those that were wounded were quickly rescued and brought to the Elves to be healed. The humans on the other hand suffered massive loses as once the Orcs got into melee they were torn apart. When the war ended the humans demanded a share of the Dwarven wealth as compensation for their loses. The Dwarves refused saying it was their own fault they couldn’t hold their own the way the Dwarves and Elves had. War broke out as relations only deteriorated from there.

Ultimately the war was ended when the Elves decided that the Humans and Dwarves couldn’t be left to their own devices without a common enemy to fight so they would oversee everything to prevent another war. It was clearly for the best.

During the fall the Dwarves were the last to begin evacuating considering it abhorrent to abandon their great halls and keeps in the mountains. Even while facing the Elves over a century ago their never abandoned their homes. But as one Mountain Hold fell after another they finally accepted the inevitable and fled with the other survivors.

Now they are treated well as their craftsmanship is unparalleled and oddly enough they are frequently found paired with an Elven enchanter to create the greatest of works. But in their hearts it is still their old homes they long for. 


Journey to Recovery Christian504