The Elves were originally considered the runts of the world. Humans were developing technology to keep the Orcish Horde at bay while the Dwarves made colossal defenses to make an assault on their homes suicidal. The Elves had no such methods. Their druids could heal wounds and call upon nature to help but the Orcs just charged through such defenses and slaughtered all they found. 

This was to change with the discovery of arcane magic. The destiny of the Elves was changed forever. Utilising new and terrifying powers they pushed the Orcs back and formed an alliance with the Human Kingdom and Dwarven Holds to put an end to the Orcish threat forever. Ultimately victorious the Elves returned to their forest homes to recover from the long war, only to find their allies were now fighting amongst each other.

Deciding that other races couldn't be trusted to keep the peace the Elves marched to war once again and using the power of the arcane easy defeated the already beleaguered armies of the Dwarves and Humans. Creating the Dominion they took the mantle of leadership on behalf of weaker and more petty races.

Ultimately they were to fall in disgrace and now they remaining Elves are treated with a great deal of suspicion as most believe that they will retake their formed power in a heartbeat if given the opportunity. For their part the Elves don't know what to make of their past. What they had done was terrible, but an Empire of that scale still hasn't been seen since.


Journey to Recovery Christian504