The Human Kingdom was under constant threat from the Orcish Warbands that plagued their lands. But they developed their advantage, black powder. Muskets in the hands of enough people were a big enough show of force to scare off even Orcs. And so every town had a militia of musketmen and they were by and large safe. 

Their friends the Dwarves had their defenses that were as good as impregnable but the Elves had nothing. Briefly the Aristocracy considered sending troops to help them but that was tantamount to suicide. This thought changed when the Elves began pushing the Orcs back using new forms of magic. Seizing the initiative the Human army was sent out to help in defeating the Orcs. Joined by the Dwarves the alliance was successful.

But it came at a great cost. The Human Kingdom had lost substantial numbers. Noticeably more than the Dwarves. The Dwarves refused to provide compensation and a second war broke out. One which the Elves finished. Having the human aristocracy killed as they refused to accept the authority of the newly formed dominion no matter how frequently they were defeated.

During the fall the Human army, well what was left of it, stood with their former masters as allies once again against the Demonic forces. Buying time. The human's evacuated along with the Dwarves and Elves arrived at the Tiefling Empire in a dire situation but were welcomed into the Empire. The art of black powder weapons is lost to most and those that still know of it keep it as a guarded secret that denotes some level of authority.


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