During the War of Unification under the Tiefling Emperor Tyruss IV the Kitsune avoided the conflict for as long as possible. Eventually when Tiefling troops marched through their native territory they used their cunning and guile to manipulate the odds in their favour but in the face of such overwhelming force they were overcome. Although their use of tactics and strategy may have won them many battles, the Tieflings would never retreat and press on until the Kitsune surrendered.

Once they became members of the Empire their tacticians were found to rival none and were immediatley found present in the Tiefling Empire's officer corps. With their aid the greatest obstacle to unification, the Tengu, were defeated time and time again before their surrender also followed. 

Now the Kitsune have varied roles within the Empire. Some have taken roles as advisors because despite their inherent delight in good-natured mischief and trickery, they prize loyalty above all else and are seen as the most steadfast advisors. 

But their love of the creative arts has brought about a revolution in the arts so many who can participate in the creation of masterpieces whether they be literary, bardic or landscape painting.


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