Lesson Eight: Paranoia and more Treason

During this era of “peace” there was a large amount of political upheaval. Both the King and Molonoch had been found insane, thankfully an elf had rescued them and brought back to the Dominion. He was elevated to a counselor in the Elven Court as reward for rescuing them. With the King and Molonoch recovering a lot more responsibility was put onto Desilvo and Raziel to keep everything in order. Well that was until Raziel disappeared.

No one is certain of what happened but one of the convicts, a Cleric Mousebank claimed that he had defeated the Prime Minister so his forces should now obey him. And he named Vioreck King… He said this in front of the Prime Minister’s personal forces. He didn’t survive the proclamation. Well until my father brought him back because such blind loyalty is useful. But despite this outburst most recognised that in the absence of Raziel it fell to Vioreck to lead until the King and Molonoch recovered.

This time also saw the Elf from another world, by the name of Drake becoming chief engineer of the Empire. Under his watchful eye the Dominion rebuilt its fleet with a strange engine that would allow them to fly. With this innovation, the army could now mobilise flying battleships to respond to any threat. Such overwhelming firepower meant that any internal opposition was obliterated before it could gain any steam.

It was at this time that the Dominion’s higher ups held a ball to celebrate the overcoming of the inferior races desire for war… even I couldn’t understand how they could be so blind to the irony. Molonoch and the King were still mute and the Prime Minister had reappeared but was covered in wounds that would not heal no matter what was done to cure him.

Oddly enough it was at this ball that I met Ancalagon. I was introduced to the group of convicts as the daughter of Vioreck Obitus. The group shied away from me which was fun but one of them a Sylph talked to me, it was… nice. Swept up in that it wasn’t until things started exploding that I realised what was happening. A state wizard loyal to Mortanis and made a trap for the warmongering leadership. The menus were written in exploding runes and he had prepared enough necromancy spells to turn most of the guests into ghouls.

But this was only killing faceless aristocrats the real danger was a Royal Knight who took the opportunity to turn traitor and kill the Prime Minister who turned out to be a Dragon. I think the worst part was she killed him with a teaspoon. At the same time a lone gunman shot Desilvo and killed the High Admiral. This left two sane nobles with a claim on leadership. Governor Vioreck and Chief Engineer Drake. But after such a blow once the King and Molonoch recovered paranoia gripped the court.

Now that they had ascended to such lofty heights they knew they only had one direction to go. Fearing their demise was all but inevitable they turned to scrying in a desperate effort to see where the mortal blow would come from.

Lesson Eight: Paranoia and more Treason

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