Lesson Five: Piracy

At this point the Dominion was set. There was a King granted power by an Infernal Duke, two able commanders that had united the continent and enough magic to keep everyone in line. However, some humans had fled the continent. Sailing to the West, they refused to accept the terms of surrender. 

Initially it was peaceful, the Dominion was glad of the trade opportunities brought about by the independent colony. Eventually though the warships that the colony was defended by turned to piracy, coastal raids became common.

As it was occurring in the West it was the duty of Lord Mortanis to deal with. He knew that it was an old friend of his that was the leader of these pirates and didn't want to kill her. Hoping for a diplomatic resolution, he sent a group of mercenaries. He knew two of them to be exceptionally loyal and good natured. However, it did not go as planned.

Unbeknownst to the Dominion and Mortanis, one of the members of this group was to become possessed by a demon. It promised power and wealth if he freed it. Along with this demon another was with them. A mere pick-pocket the group had brought along was actual a creature of limitless potential. While the Dominion mages and drained it of power and left it a husk, that potential remained. 

This potential began to grow here. This was a being with both great good and great evil within it. Under the watch of one Athan, a state wizard and one of Mortanis' trusted agents, this creature's power was to grow not only unchecked but aided. When meeting Zerelda the Pirate Queen, Athan ordered the creature to kill Zerelda. While the abomination failed to do so, leaving the killing blow to the possessed inquisitor, this was the start of a dangerous trend.

This monster had the capacity to absorb the power of those it killed. Initially this was simply minor thugs and outlaws that accosted the group, but in the end it would kill powerful beings and in turn become all the stronger.

But I got off track. The piracy threat was ended when the Queen was killed and her immediate subordinates were killed. The ships were rounded up by the Dominion fleet which at this point was forced into action. Mortanis lost an old ally he'd hoped to spare and the abomination found a friend in Athan.

Lesson Five: Piracy

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