Lesson Nine: The Fall

So, it turns out that with a group of paranoid loons hanging on your every word as the Grand Seer of the Dominion you have a lot more influence than you should. But I saw an opportunity to destroy this evil Empire from within and use its own tools to bring it about. I didn’t tell a word of a lie. Their demise lay in the West. A force would come and consume the Dominion in utter darkness. It’s not my fault that rather than build up defences they chose to charge in the direction of their doom.

Lord Molonoch chose to remain behind and have the Royal Agents purge what remained of potential rebels with terrifying ruthlessness. If this was to be a long-fought war they intended to guarantee a united front. This left a Royal Knight in command of the army and Chief Engineer Drake became Lord Admiral commanding the Dominion’s vast fleet from aboard his flagship, a metal dragon called the Drake II.

I accompanied the Dominions forces as once all was said and done I was to be made the Governor of the newly conquered territories. Not that I would ever have wanted such an outcome. It was on the journey that I came to associate myself quite closely with the convicts. Turned out Ancalagon was the adopted son of two of them and in the aftermath of our brief courtship they wanted to see if I was worthy of him. So, after a duel they all agreed I was indeed worthy. But I digress, even I had not foreseen the amount of treason that bubbling just below the surface of the forces.

Drake was loyal but he was incompetent on a scale that may as well have been traitorous. But most of note was the convicts that were once again being given too much freedom. One set about murdering sailors and replacing them with daemons. While another was receiving visits from a wizard long thought dead. Athan. But I knew this would happen eventually, just hadn’t expected it then.

The fleet finally arrived and descended upon the Tiefling Empire. While their forces were considerable, they could never be prepared for the sheer might of the Dominion’s forces. Even while beset by treason and infighting they still had the power to annihilate entire cities in a day. The forces of the Dominion and Empire only clashed once but the convicts had proven their worth.

The daemon worshipper had set daemons of plague out into the cities to weaken them and two agents had seduced both the Militant Prince and the Crown Prince causing miscommunication and misdirection. The resulting chaos made it an easy victory for the Dominion.

Then came the battle for the capital itself. What was expected to be an easy victory for the Dominion turned into a bloodbath. The convicts charged ahead tearing through the paladins defending the palace, behind them they left a host of daemons which continued to cause mayhem for the defenders.

Once the palace was breeched I took to the air to oversee the forces in the city. Whilst otherwise focused I was struck from behind. Turning I saw the creature, that abomination. Eyes burning with hatred and determination it attacked. Spell after spell it avoided and with each one it added to my wounds with quick slashes I couldn’t hope to parry. But it was then that I saw an opportunity. Nearing the top of the palace there was a rooftop garden that led to the final spire. Atop it the convicts were fighting against an elf. It could only be one person.

During the duel the creature was too focused. My thinking was some emotional trauma would destroy his concentration. I descended on the mage with swords and spells. She didn’t stand a chance. Torn to ribbons I looked up and saw him descend from the skies like an archons fury. Abandoning his sword, he began tearing me apart with his bare hands. It was agonizing but I knew it was more than a death. It was my release. Before he could finish me of Ancalagon flew in and plunged his claws into my chest. My soul after briefly struggling against the grips of Hell found peace in the gem in his engagement ring.

I’m afraid from then I can’t really give you any more information on the specifics. All I saw in my vision was that the Dominion would attack the West and release something they could not defeat that would consume them. I also knew that the convicts would turn on the Dominion becoming the heralds of the end of the second age. But as to the amount they were to contribute even I was to be surprised.

But ultimately the end result was the same. The Dominion collapsed. It’s army and navy spent the darkness was to quickly consume it and crush it. Not sure why the darkness left but I’m sure it wasn’t of its own volition.

Any questions?

Lesson Nine: The Fall

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