Lesson Seven: Imperialism

After the discovery of Orks and Dwarves to the East the Dominion sent out expeditions to find new lands. Believing it would be better to be prepared than ignorant of faraway threats. The group that found the Dwarves once again made a great discovery, although now a member of the clergy joined them. A Father Ratcliffe. A man whose loyalty was much remarked upon. Having spent months at sea they found land. The good father flung himself from the ship to make his way to the beach first, with a flag claimed it in the name of the Church of the Six.

Naming it New Dominininia they set off. Determined to make enough headway that their masters from the homeland would be pleased. This was the land of the Elemental races, renamed Prudentia once my father claimed it on behalf of the Dominion.

Their time spent on the continent can only be described as bipolar. Initially setting out with their forces (having been sent with actual troops) they torched a village and made their way north. On their way, they acquired a guide who had taken some level of pleasure in misguiding and tormenting the explorers. But they at some point chose to turn against the Dominion, joining the natives in resistance. Athan began experiments in a desperate bid to outpace the Dominions ability's. These were to come to a peak with the creation of a… thing. A monster, an abomination… a child.

One of the members of the resistance, an elf by the name of Somera had contacted an Azata of all things. Well evidently it wasn’t just a business call as she was with child. This child was what the mad wizard used with the demon to create their superweapon. Taken by the demon Athan had "befriended", it took the child to the abyss.

At this point the resistance seemed to fight amongst themselves. Athan feared he had done too much to aid the resistance but he no longer wanted to help them. He took his own life before Molonoch or Vioreck could take it from him. Ratcliffe joined his troops and a devil in fighting their way out of the elemental capital. They weren't successful but it was a brave effort. Somera seeing the restence being crushed from within took it upon herself to warn other of the Dominion, abandoning the continent she fled East and was to actually meet the Tieflings who assured her nothing would defeat their unrivalled forces.

After the failure of a small group of agents to subvert the native’s ability to fight back an all-out invasion began. Despite the natives having maintained centuries of peace the Dominion leadership were easily convinced it was only a matter of time before they attacked. Mobilising everything, they had the Dominion attacked. Lord Commander Molonoch, High Admiral Desilvo, the Prime Minister Raziel and my father Vioreck each lead an army to the continent to stretch the Continents forces as thin as possible before they shatter them. 

Here a group of criminals were used to maximum effect, left to their own devices they managed to make the undine capital surrender with no casualties suffered. Here they got the attention of dad, who liked people that could get things done. They were sent on several missions for him, always making sure that he could take credit for success but distance himself from failure.

Ranging from leading the charge to claim the capital, destroying the final effort to fight back even before it was used and killing the leaders of both the undines and ifrit. However, atop the spire of the Elemental Capital a battle between these criminals and a being of pure magic began as it was the last hold out against the Dominion. However, outsmarting the being they managed to convince it to absorb a spell of reincarnation. This had an interesting effect.

The creature they fought was born of four sorcerers destroying their physical forms to merge and become more powerful. So, when it was reincarnated it had a strange result. These sorcerers were gone but something had to come back. From another world. One of technology and war unheard of in scale came through an elf, an ork, a dwarf and a human. The latter three all left for various reasons but the elf was rather happy to stay, having spent a lifetime trying to forge a kingdom for Elves he was willing to serve an empire led by them.

So not only had the Dominion claimed a massive continent and its people but it had gained an ally with knowledge of advanced technology who was more than willing to teach. In the aftermath Vioreck was made Governor and I was introduced to the Dominions court and made an advisor. Obviously, I didn't look…. well like me. 

But this ushered in a golden age of sorts. There was peace in the Dominion and they had no external or internal threats of any great concern. But ill-gotten gains never can last.

Lesson Seven: Imperialism

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