Lesson Two: The Dawn of the Second Age

Times were becoming desperate for the Elves. Village after village was falling before the Orks, with nothing to stop them. A druid by the name of Molonoch formed a group of Druids known as the Royal Agents, their purpose was to make the forests themselves fight off the Orks. They answered only to the King and were from their formation quite secretive and elite.

It seemed that the tide was turning, as the Elves were now able to defend themselves. However, the Orks learning that the Elves were growing a spine decided it would be fun to break it. In one massive attack one of the Elven cities burned, it's governor was the King's brother. 

Now this you can't learn from anywhere else, so here's your wish coming true. What no one knows is that in his nightmares that night, the king was visited by my father. Not Vioreck but my true father, an infernal duke. Appearing as his brother and whispering promises of power, the power to protect his people. The old King accepted and his people were changed forever.

Their druidic powers were infused with that of Infernal Bloodlines. The Royal Agents were the first to go. In their council meeting their blood began to boil as raw arcane power tore through them. Prior to this they dressed in the light garb of druids. After this day they always wore thick robes. Many assumed it was because the runes on the robes offered magical power. It was to hide their deformities.

But for the common elves they just awoke to find their natural dark hair and skin had paled and their eyes were now an acid green.

The King regretting his wish decided it would be even worse to waste it began forming an army of those more gifted in the arcane. These were to serve under and elf by the name of Mortanis, a childhood friend of Molonoch. Thus was formed the State Wizards, a fighting force bending their new magical powers to serve their dying people.

This was the dawning of the Second Age, the Age of Magic

Lesson Two: The Dawn of the Second Age

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