Rise of the Dominion

The peace was short lived. While the Elves returned to their homes to rebuild the Dwarves and Humans argued over the spoils of war. The Human Nobility demanded a greater share based on their large losses in the last stages of the war. The Elven healers were able to save most of their wounded and as the Dwarves pointed out, they were just made of tougher stuff. Human wounded on the other hand nearly always perished in the end.

As the discussion got increasingly heated it ended with a literal bang as the Dwarven emissary was shot as the human army decided to take what it deserved. The resulting war tore the foundling alliance to shreds. The Elven forces abandoned the Alliance United army and it was no more. The War was mostly fought in the Orkish territories so neither belligerants had to fear for their own peoples safety.

Under pressure from Molonoch and his Royal Agents, the Elven King eventually agreed that these short lived races couldn't be trusted to maintain peace. The Elves emerged from their forests, uniforms now in red as a symbol to the blood they shed to create peace that their enemies had squandered. 

Their armies strength already spent fighting each other, the Humans and Dwarves were routed in one decisive battle. The Dwarves in their mountain keeps could win any attacker foolish enough to try. The Elves agreed and simply lay siege to them for half a century. As the years dragged on the Dwarven Holds one by one surrendered, believing it was more honorable to surrender than to let your people starve for the sake of a the Lords pride. The Human nobility had other ideas.

After the initial surrender, the King would raise an army to fight their Elven oppressors. He would inevitably lose and his son would surrender on his behalf. Only to in turn raise an army, you see where this is going right? After about 17 uprisings the Human Royalty were culled so no one would have the right to declare themselves King and to do so would not only anger Human Royalists but arouse the suspicion of Elven Agents. 

After their victory was complete the Elves declared this was the formation of the Dominion.

Rise of the Dominion

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