The Alliance

Once the army was formed the Elves marched East to fight the Orks. This was the first time the Orks were challenged in an all out war. Seeing the Elves winning battle after battle against the Orks, the Dwarves charged out of their fortresses to help defeat the Orks for good. They were swiftly followed by the Human aristocrats who didn't want the others to have all the glory.

Once the Orks were pushed back to their own territory, the three races formed the Alliance. This was to maintain peace after the Orks were defeated, the three races would work towards the common good of each other. They formed a united army and navy, with no discrimination based on race. Humans, Dwarves and Elves served and died together to free their people of the ever present Orkish threat.

The Orks were fighting a retreat and eventually were pushed back to the coast. A Half-Ork begged to be allowed the right to flee with his people to the East overseas. Not even sure there was any land for them to have the Alliance granted it. Half-Orks were accepted into the Alliance territories although tolerated would be more accurate. Orks were killed on sight.

For a brief time there was peace. The Elves returned to their forests and began to reform them, using what druid powers they had left to heal the wounds caused by the Orkish raiders. But within the forests they also began work on what was to become their new capital. Spires crafted from gold and marble. It became a shining beacon amongst the healing forests. 

The Alliance

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