The Fallen Dominion

Created just after an old alliance defeated the Orcs and forced them to flee into open waters with no goal known or in sight. In fighting immediately broke out amongst the members of the alliance making demands from the others for their participation in the war effort. War first broke out between the Dwarves and Humans while the Elves recovered from the war having lost the most in battle. After a pyrrhic victory for the Dwarves the Elves entered the War and quickly routed both the humans and Dwarves who had already broken each others strength.

The Humans had their aristocracy culled and were not able to mount much resistance after the loss of leadership. The Dwarves retreated to their mountain fortresses but were starved into submission. From then both races have lived under Elven Governors who only use the remnants of the old systems to rubber stamp their orders. 

Colonising to the West and conquering to the East the Dominion came to encompass the majority of the world, but it's leaders were wracked with paranoia that it wasn't to last. Making their methods more ruthless and immoral they began sending out convicts on short leashes to take their new conquests and their magical experiments were utilised whenever possible. Ultimately this was to aid their downfall as a group of these convicts were to turn traitor during the invasion of the Tiefling Empire and bring about the abyssal invasion.

Eventually scrying in an effort to prevent the collapse before it began. In the end they became convinced the Tiefling empire would bring about their end. So they mobilised their entire army and navy against the undiscovered Empire to their West. The Tiefling army was brushed aside and the Dominion took the capital with six of their agents going ahead to take out the royal family. 

In the aftermath of the invasion a gate to the abyss tore open and the abyssal host tore the Dominion apart as it marched Westward. The leadership of the Dominion tried to make their stand but were wiped out. After the Dominion collapsed the demons fell into disarray allowing the Tieflings to subdue the survivors.

After it's collapse began a fleet of refugee ships arrived at the Tiefling Empire, what's left of the Dominions history is learnt from word of mouth as the survivors try to remember their dark legacy.

The Fallen Dominion

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