Initially they co-existed on the continent of Miocun until Emperor Tyruss IV was convinced it was his destiny to unite the continent under Tiefling leadership. Quite naive in his fanatical conviction to this cause he invited the leadership of the other races to a discussion where he proposed the idea. Not reading the seriousness of his thoughts the Tengu Elder laughed at the idea of them simply handing over their autonomy.

None were particularly surprised when the enraged and indignant Emperor declared all out war. What surprised most was the willingness of the Tiefling army to march under such an insane premise, but their officers believed wholeheartedly that they could accomplish such goals. As the other races fell victim to their superior numbers and magical potency victory seemed assured.

Victory was finally achieved as the last Tengu force was surrounded and forced into an open battle which they had so far avoided, preferring to lay ambushes and strike when least expected. When the battle was won the Emperor was finally killed as a small contingent of Tengu assassins rushed through and tore him down before anyone could react. Although they were denounced even by their own people, they somehow slipped through the cracks and got away.

After this point leadership fell to Magnolia the previous Emperor's wife who led the now united continent into an era of peace. With her children assuming various roles and they began to rebuild after the long war. With the arrival and subsequent fall of the Dominion the Tieflings have clung to power claiming that in such uncertain times unity is necessary to survive.

Now the Tieflings maintain their control over the continent through a mixture of gradual steps towards autonomy within the Empire but never independence and the use of personalities to sway the masses. Their governments are very inclusive and make an effort to please as many as possible.


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