Imperial Decree from Lucien Karias VI – 2 June Year 78

During this time of prosperity and wealth I have decided that we are ready for an age of exploration. Prior to the Great War our Empire never took to the seas in search of untold wonders, perhaps events would have been different if we had. Nevertheless the Imperial Treasury and I have set up a system of commissions and contracts for would-be adventurers who lack incentive. There are rewards, accolades and promotions available to successful ventures. 

Those who wish to go on such ventures can apply for Imperial Warrants which will allow them free port in any port in the Empire along with discounted supplies and access to some military equipment. However, the warrant upon being issued only lasts for 4 months at which point if you have failed to fulfil any criteria for a reward it will be revoked and you will not be able to reapply.

Journey to Recovery

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