Journey to Recovery

Ardal and Ziobohn's Journal - Entry 6

Workshop of Wonders

I was right! Drake’s old workshop held more than I expected within its depths. I think the others expected a huge trove of various magical trinkets but we have stumbled onto something truly extraordinary and dangerous. However, it’s never that easy and it has been a rather interesting adventure.

After skirting the coast for a few days we finally arrived at the old Orcish homelands. We didn’t have much to go on, other than natural monuments which the Orcs held sacred. As we made our way through the jungle we came across a rather well kept, elegant elf. After establishing he was not a threat we had a nice chat about where we came from, why we were here and so on. Doesn’t take long for it to dawn on us he is overbearingly elfy and quite clearly not from these parts, i.e. the Material Plane. Turns out he’s an Azata and apparently Dellisar’s father. What? Although we have only ourselves to blame, none of us actually talk to Dellisar which is rather rude on reflection. I’m sure we’ll have time to talk when we return to the ship. It should be nice to talk with a good outsider for a change. Also, I believe the Azata said his sister was searching for the Cove of the Pirate Queen which can only be host to an immense amount of treasure. Maybe if we have time we can look for that as well.

After some more exploration we came across a perfectly preserved manor at the foot of a mountain and next to a large lake. It couldn’t be anything else, this was Drake’s manor. It was kept perfectly preserved by a legion of imps doing domestic work. Shame we didn’t discover that until the Kitsune skewered one. A floor by floor search didn’t reveal a workshop, but I did find directions through the maze in the garden. It had been a long day so I thought it’d be wise to get some rest before venturing into the maze to presumably find the workshop. Well half the group was so distrustful of the manor they would rather sleep in the scary, dark jungle. More for me I figured. Then I was rudely awoken in the night by Drake’s… nocturnal servants. I just wanted to sleep damn it. Then Slyvester was flying outside the window, babbling on about some weird blood-smelling Drow that is following us. I figured whoever was following us could wait until the morning and proceeded to make a pillow fort in the cleaning supply closet.

After breakfast the next morning we decide to look for this Drow before we look for the workshop. She then tripped on some foliage and fell out of the jungle. I’d mock her for this but I tripped on the step out of the manor myself. Didn’t take us long to surround her and start demanding answers. She was unhelpful and unpleasant so I decided to mess with her. Manifesting Zio I started growling out some nonsense like “YOU THINK TO COMMAND ME MORTAL!?” or something to that effect. The look on her face was priceless. She composed herself quick as she could and said that she’d seen worse than me and that they would rise again. Finally, we were getting somewhere although she was being bloody cryptic about “they”. Taking a closer look at her robes, they were State Wizard in design but in the colours of those who aligned with Molonoch. Putting this together she was probably part of some weird splinter group trying to recreate the Dominion. Given that they haven’t made any progress in near enough a century she got demoted to last place in our list of priorities. I took my leave of her after telling her that I wasn’t actually a demon and I was just messing with her. Others followed suit and I was briefly hopeful that violence would be avoided.

She then ignored my one very important warning about moving and not casting spells. The battle was practically over before it began as a storm of blades, explosives and gunfire tore her apart. She wasn’t dead yet and given the potential information to be gained and unpleasantness to be avoided I asked Dranhiro to make her more amenable and less liable to murder us. He certainly succeeded even if she was a bit out of it. Taking this opportunity, we got what information we could about this group before going back to looking for the workshop. Personally, I’m not entirely comfortable with what we did but it was making the best of a bad situation and the more restrictive suggestions should wear off. Beyond her not killing us or otherwise working against us I’m willing to put up with her awful attitude.

Anyway, following the directions Drake left we found the workshop and its treasures. What treasures indeed. Detailed plans for a dragon shaped airship with extensive modification and adamantium armour plating. This type of ship would be one-of-a-kind and almost uncontested in the skies. Having one of our own would be most useful, but the resources to produce this ship would be immense. We’ll have to consider what to do with those plans. We also found something amazing but absolutely terrifying. Two phlogiston crossbow bolts. With these we’d be capable of razing entire cities, countries or even the world if we aren’t careful in one shot. I hope we never find ourselves in a situation where firing the equivalent of a sun is necessary.

In our possession are a number of artefacts and weapons capable of radically changing and destroying the world. Whatever we do next, we must proceed with extreme caution. Not only are we responsible for our own actions regarding these but we are responsible for the safekeeping of these. If these were to fall into the wrong hands I shudder to think what could happen.



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