Journey to Recovery

Ardal's Journal - Entry 1

For Glory, Adventure, Fortune and Friendship!

Well that's what I am expected to say. Anyone with any sense knows otherwise. For Gold, Land and Empire would be far more accurate. Although I am being rather harsh, after all no one expected anyone to actually be alive out here. The discovery of yet surviving settlements will no doubt come as a shock to those at home. More importantly for me is there is indeed a surviving kobold presence on the island! Admittedly they are being ruled by a tyrant, a man a shudder to think of. However if the wizard is correct about the presence of illusion magic there is certainly more to that chief than meets the eye. In either case I have plans for some “regime change”. Then I can finally get on with my important work. A census, land surveys, establishing military tactics, knowledge exchange, the list goes on!


But enough of the fun stuff. As for the work I'm actually being paid to do, things have been rather successful. Lots of strange technology has been recovered and with any luck we should be able to get them repaired and perhaps even take a look at their inner workings. Who knows, we might even be able to get them patented back home! That would certainly be a boon worthy of the danger we have faced here thus far. I nearly died twice! The most curious thing thus far has been the strange contraption we used to navigate the tunnels we found in the local mines. We plan to return for some further investigation of those tunnels.


As for those that I am working with, they are a pleasant enough lot I suppose. Competent as well, we cleared out the undead in the mine with ease. I get the feeling that I'm not really respected however. Especially from Nisha who I think simply despises me. The survivors in the city were not much better. The Governor's son in particular couldn't hide his shock that I was in fact a lawyer. I should be used to it by now but it still gnaws at me. Which is good. It helps drive me. They said that I would never become an accomplished bard, all kobolds are good for is irritating their betters. I learned from my masters, put in my all and now I can bring hope to my allies and madness to my enemies. They said I could never afford to go to law school. I broke myself upon the anvil of labour working numerous jobs and looking after my tribe. With sheer perseverance I got enough gold. They said I wasn't smart enough to enrol. I showed competence in numerous field until they had no recourse but to enrol me. “Take the bar? Ha! You couldn't even reach the bar” they said. I graduated with honours. You'll die penniless if you specialise in defending kobolds they said. I'm still here and I recently secured planning permission to develop a cave system. They said I'd die if I ventured out in those devastated lands. I'm still here. Throughout it all I'm still here.


They'll say that my dream are impossible, that I'll never succeed. But I've overcome every obstacle and I don't intend to ever stop. Even if the gods themselves stand in my way I will overcome. You might call it arrogance, I call it determination and my defiance can be summed up in a simple sentence.


I'm still here.



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