Journey to Recovery

Nisha's journal 4

It has been sometime since I wrote in this journal but now that I have the chance I have much to discuss. Firstly the capital what a gem it once was I now see how blind I was to its failings having discovered the powers beyond, it startles me that they would limit themselves so astronomically. How could an empire bent on power and resolve be so blind to the paths at its disposal firstly the limitations on the studies of the infernal and the abyssal seem foolish, after all we were invaded by such creatures now is, clearly, the most important time to study them.  Secondly the limitation on studies into the undead are preposterous I mean after careful long distance analysis of the rat folk I travel with after his transformation he appears to much stronger and capable after his change.  I have concluded that the information deemed “forbidden” by my old empire is simply a new means of study that must be examined in full. I mean if the goblin people are able to trade and exchange souls then why should we the noble tifelings not be able to do such.

As for the goblins their technology was fascinating there understanding of magical theory and natural sciences seem expansive and developed. Their ability to survive without outside interjection is admirable but limiting and I am displeased they would not share more with us at the time.  I would like to examined them in more detail especially these control roads they use to control their machines having an army that never aged, or talked back, would be indispensable.  But alas they are secretive for now further trade will have to be monitored so as to find more about here ways.

After the goblins refusal to be investigated. We travelled onwards to the fallen dominion an interesting land with much to be examined and explored. This time we went to the estate of the late drake who I had no interaction with and was investigating my own research at the time. Although this group of secretive wizards, is an interesting path of exploration on the one hand they seem to be insane but their ability to create abomination is admirable it will have to be explored in full with further research. A species would be of the up most importance to fully understanding the process.  The drow assassin was of some not the willingness of the other members to trust her was foolish at best and downright insane at worst. Who would be willing trust and release a known enemy witch on to our highly flammable vessel. Her interrogation at my hand would yield much more interesting information and perhaps a useful servant.

Next was the interesting dragon, an arrogant and short sighted collector who had artefacts I would personally rip her heart out and eat for. Oh if only i had the power to annihilate such a fool her inability to see the true worth of her items astounds me the volume of research and study that could be performed on such a large collection does not bear thought. But this is something I am willing to wait on for I know given time we shall return thanks to the Kobolds unwieldiness to give up, and a desire for “freedom”. I shall return with the forces to kill or enslave this stupid beast and turn it into power.

Finally the best news I shall be appointed to the position of consultation in the empire ( the decay husk it is) which I shall use to further my own research and development into the arcane and occult studies. With enough swaying and pushing this empire will crumble but not before I get as much out of it as possible.



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