Lesson Six: Discovery and Treason

Piracy dealt with, Mortanis returned his focus to his research and the privateers were sent out as explorers. Some discovered a continent to the East of the Dominion, which now had a thriving Orkish population. Fearmongering on the part of Molonoch saw a massive fleet poised to obliterate them as he convinced swaths of the Dominion the return of the Orkish Warbands was inevitable. While the coming doom of the Orks was on the horizon a short lived hope was to be found much further south.

Just off the South East coast of the Dominion a group of privateers made an amazing discovery. The Orks weren't the only people to flee in the wake of the rise of the Dominion.  A fleet of Dwarvish ships had made their way and found an abandoned Fortress off the coast. It had been forgotten and was a quite a break for the struggling Dwarven refugees. The privateers arrived and despite having dealings with both Molonoch and Mortanis swore their loyalty to resisting the Dominion at any cost.

They fought their way through the underground fortress to reclaim the lost Dwarven Treasury, for the resistance of course. After the following day of feasting and merriment, Molonoch's flagship, the Phoenix arrived. In the ensuing battle the defenders actually managed to win, although that has more to do with the Dominion than their own efforts. Aboard the ship it turned out both Molonoch and Mortanis were present and they focused on killing the possessed inquisitor (my dad) rather than fighting the Dwarves. But as soon as they killed my dad they turned on each other. Mortanis knowing that Molonoch required preparation for a fight struck while he had the chance. The mage was cut down but had the last laugh, literally. He vanished just as the last blow was to be made.

In the aftermath of the attack the Dwarven fortress was laid siege to and eventually submitted. As I said, short lived hope. But what was arguably worse was the execution of Mortanis. When he returned to the Dominion he was arrested and executed for treason as Molonoch had returned to the King and gave evidence of the treason, mainly the gashes and cuts which were clearly from Mortanis' magic. This was to change the Dominion even more for the worse as one of the two only voices calling out for peaceful and moderate measures were silenced

Lesson Six: Discovery and Treason

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